Thursday, August 1, 2013

Michael Vick- Team Leader

With the video of Eagles WR Riley Cooper going viral saying the "N" word yesterday, there has been controversy all over the league from many team officials and players. Even one of Riley's teammates LeSean Mcoy can't come to terms with what was said. He told Albert Breer- "What hurts the most is losing a friend." When asked what that meant he said, "I can't respect a guy like that."

Here is where Mike Vick comes in. Vick has done a great job holding himself accountable with all of his off the field problems. His jail sentence, dealing with many death threats from former fans and animal activists, and almost getting ran out the NFL. Vick has encountered it all, and has stood up like in every situation and not only held himself accountable but has grown from it. 

When asked about the Riley Cooper situation, Vick once again set an example for ALL of his teammates in that split Eagles locker room. "I forgive him." Vick says. Another example why Vick is more than just a quarterback to this team. He has taken on the role of mentoring younger players and has reached out to former NFL players who are currently dealing with off the field issues. I think it's safe to say, with a sensitive subject like this, it's important when your quarterback (who is black) comes out and forgives a sick man like Riley Cooper. The actions of Vick will speak and pay volumes come game time when this Eagle team has to play as a unit. 

And on a football note. No way Vick loses the starting job to Nick Foles. Mark my words. 

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